Attachments & Parts

Wear Plates & Protection

Titan provides top quality wear plates from Valley Blades including corner protectors with a round edge or a square edge, weld-on lip shrouds, curved or straight heel shrouds. Our sidebar protection plates for buckets are available for Caterpillar machines and in a universal model for various bucket types.

We carry the Kennametal KenCast™ line of wear protection using tungsten carbide to help your parts last even longer. If you need custom wear plates Titan can work with Kennametal to get the parts you need. 


Grouser Bars

Grouser bars or ice lugs are available with carbide or PTA overlays and come in a standard selection of sizes. Titan offers standard, heat treated and new Chrom-X extreme service grouser bar material in both 10ft standard bar length or pre cut Ice Lugs (3” to 6” Lengths). Choose the length, width and height you need for your machine and Titan will do the rest!            

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