Teeth & Adapters

Bucket Teeth

Titan carries teeth for Caterpillar®, John Dee®r, Komatsu® and many other OEM machines. Teeth available include standard, long, penetration, abrasion, tiger, twin tiger, flare, rock chisel and more. We carry the highest quality brands of replacement teeth including Metalogenia (MTG) and Valley Blades.


Ripper Teeth

Call Titan for high quality Ripper teeth, ripper shanks, ripper shank protectors, ripper repair parts, scarifier shanks, scarifier tips for Caterpillar®, Komatsu® and Esco® machines.


Hammerless Teeth

Hammerless teeth provide an easy and safer way to replace teeth utilizing a pin and lock twist system.The system saves time and reduces the risk of operator injury. And if you don’t want to re-install an entire new adapter system, hammerless teeth will fit on your current adapters. Both MTG and Valley Blades offer superior hammerless teeth systems, available at Titan. 

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