Screw Pin

Screw pin shackles are a key component for your lifting systems, connecting wire, chain or synthetic slings and other fittings. Screw pin shackles are commonly used for temporary lifting applications. Titan carries top of the line shackles from Crosby, Van Beest and other manufacturers. We carry stock on most standard shackles and guarantee to have a wide selection in stock. 



When your lifting systems are set up for long-term or permanent applications bolt-type shackles provide added security with its secure bolted installation. In cases where your load may put pressure on the pin, the bolt-type shackle is more resistant to rotation than the screw pin. We carry Crosby and Van Beest Green-Pin bolt-type shackles. We regularly stock bolt-type shackles. Ask us about our In-stock- guarantee program! For bolt-type shackles not in our stock, we will work with vendors to bring in the sizes you need.



A shackle with a wide body design can significantly improve the life of a sling because the load distribution is spread across a wider section of the shackle. The bow radius of a wider body sling can increase the sling bearing surface by more than 50%. Wide body shackles can be used with web, round or wire slings. Titan offers both Crosby and Van Beest wide body shackles.



For use in extreme climate conditions, the Van Beest Polar Shackle is a bolt-type style shackle that has been Charpy V tested to -40 C. Most other shackles on the market are only tested to - 20 C. With the testing completed to -40 C you can have confidence in these shackles when lifting in extremely cold conditions. These shackles can also be used up to +200 C conditions. Looking for a polar shackle with a screw pin? You’re in luck, they are coming soon.


Heavy Lift

With a working load limit of up to 1550 tons Crosby heavy lift shackles are used in extreme lifting applications. You can find heavy lift shackles in oil production and exploration and heavy construction sites.

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