Hoisting Equipment

Chain Hoists & Pullers

Titan carries quality hoists and pullers from CM Rigging and KITO. We carry chain and wire rope hoists; electric and pneumatic hoists. Powered hoists are ideal for use in manufacturing and industrial facilities that involve heavy lifting of items as part of production or warehousing. Manual hoists are commonly use in maintenance and construction activities and available in two styles: hand chain for vertical lifting with a beam and the use of the worker’s power or lever tools used for pulling, lifting and positioning.

Plate Clamps

Whether you need a horizontal or vertical plate clamp we carry top of the line products that meet ASME requirements. Horizontal lifting clamps are used to transfer materials in a horizontal position. Vertical lifting clamps are used to lift, turn or move sheets, plates or fabrications from a horizontal to a vertical position and back to horizontal as needed. 

Beam Clamps & Trolleys

Beam clamps are used for lifting, transferring and stacking steel beams or “H-Beams”. Titan carries a series of CM beam clamps that meet or exceed the requirements of ASME. We also offer a line of trolleys that are available in two styles: manually operated or configured as part of a hoist/trolley combination depending on the application.

Spreader Bars

A spreader bar can add much need stability to your lift and are ideal for use in spaces where headroom is not limited. Spreader bars are available with standard chain or wire rope rigging. We can provide you with a spread bar in a wide range of sizes and load capacities and all products meet ASME standards. Ask your Titan representative about stationary or portable cranes from Thern and Caldwell Group.


A tirfor is a portable hoist that can be used to lift, pull and place loads over long distances depending on the length of the wire rope used. Tirfors are operated by a simple lever system and the load capacity can be increased with the use of sheave blocks.

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