Inspected, the Titan Way

Safety requirements for lifting and rigging are critically important for your operation.It is mandatory that your slings and related rigging products are inspected frequently and in some cases, recertified annually in order to remain compliant with OHS regulations.

Titan’s inspection program has helped global clients in the oil & gas, manufacturing and construction industries achieve compliance for their extensive inventories of rigging slings, fittings and hoisting equipment. 


Rigging needs to be inspected before each use by a member of your team and periodic documented inspections must be performed by a qualified individual. When you sign-up for Titan’s inspection program, we help keep you compliant.

Titan’s team will work with you to determine the frequency of your inspections based on your rigging usage.  For added flexibility, you select whether your inspections are to be completed in our shops or on your sites with one of our mobile inspection units.To help you track your rigging, we can perform pre-inspection audits and offer the option for all rigging to be documented in our online inspection database with or without RFID chips.  

Titan follows ASME inspection guidelines and inspects according to ASME B30.9, B30.20, B30.26, B30.10, B30.16, B30.21, ANSI, API 9A, other industry standards and/or manufacturer requirements.

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Repairs & Recertification

If your rigging fails, you don’t always have to purchase new product. It makes sense to repair select rigging including high performance round slings, chain slings and hoisting equipment. When Titan repairs your rigging, we proof test and recertify it.

Our proof-test beds are calibrated to ASME E4 standards, and our qualified technicians test according to industry standards and guidelines. Our largest Test Bed is capable of testing to 1.2 million lbs of pulling force. Your certification documents are available on our certification database after repairing and recertifying your rigging.

Mobile Inspection & Recertification Units

Titan’s mobile inspection & testing units offer the convenience of on-site inspections to decrease downtime.

The mobile inspection unit can perform all standard inspections (when recertification is not required).The inspectors can also perform rigging audits and get you set up for a more robust inspections program with Titan.

Our mobile testing unit can perform all standard inspections, minor repair and can recertify all rigging (if no major repairs are required) with a proof testing capacity of up to 150,000 lbs. The inspectors can also perform rigging audits on site to help you build a thorough inventory and set up your inspection program.

Qualified Inspectors & Technicians

Titan’s Inspector Competency program helps ensure that only qualified inspectors and technicians are working on your rigging.

Our Competency program is modeled like an apprentice program and includes mandatory classroom work direct from manufacturers, crane rigging training from Cranemasters and a pre-set minimum of hands-on, on-the-job experience.

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