Synthetic Slings

Web Slings

The Tuff-Lift® line of web slings includes both a standard and premium sling.  Our premium sling is made of durable polyester sourced in North America and includes the added safety features of seamed edges to help protect from small cuts and tears and reinforced eyes.  Our standard polyester sling is made from North American material and is durable and flexible. 

Our standard slings are available in 1” to 12” widths and our premium sling is available in 1” to 6” widths.  Both standard and premium slings are available in stocking lengths of 2-20 feet with additional lengths available upon request.  We can also manufacture 3 and 4 ply slings for greater capacities.  Tuff-Lift® web slings are made with single leg working load limits up to 68,000 lbs.  Additional legs increase the working load limit. 

Additional sling features can be added upon request.  Tuff-Lift® web slings meet ASME requirements and can be pull-tested upon request. 

Round Slings

The Tuff-Lift® round slings are made from the highest quality materials sourced from North American suppliers.  The interior of Tuff-Lift® round slings are made with polyester yarns to form a strong and durable core.  The recognizable Tuff-Lift® double red jacket is made from premium polyester material.  For added abrasion resistance, our round slings can be made with bulked nylon jackets.

Tuff-Lift® polyester round slings are clearly labelled with the Working Load Limit to ensure your workers can identify the right sling for your load.  Tuff-Lift® polyester round slings come in 3.5 to 20 feet stocking lengths and up to 90 feet lengths upon request.  Single leg round slings are made up to 90,000 lbs working load limit with each additional leg adding more lifting capacity.

Round slings are an important investment in your rigging inventory and Titan’s Tuff-Lift® slings are repairable to help you maximize your investment.

Twin Path

For those heavy lifts when a wire sling just won’t do, Twin-Path® high performance round slings are your solution. At only 10% the weight of an average steel sling Twin-Path® provides added flexibility and ease-of use.  Twin-path slings are manufactured with K-SPEC® yarn core, independently tested as the longest lasting yarn core on the market today.  This patented sling technology has a connected double yarn core for superior load capacity and back-up protection.  

Added safety features in the Twin-Path® include a double jacket with a red interior jacket for quick identification of rips or tears. The CoverMax™ jackets provide superior abrasion resistance and the check-fast inspection system and overload indicators provide external warnings.

Twin-Path® slings are made with less than 1% elongation when used at working load limits and are repairable to help you maximize your usage.  All Twin-Path® slings are proof-tested.

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