We’ll do the heavy lifting

Slings handle the bulk of the load. Whether you are lifting in a manufacturing facility, a construction site or an oilfield production site the slings you use can mean the difference between safety and disaster.

Titan Tuff-Lift® slings are made with the highest quality product available on the market. We design and build all our slings to ASME requirements and every order you place comes with an owner’s manual to ensure your team understands all the critical components of our slings. And for made-to-order quantities you can sign-up for the Tuff-Lift® status tracker and receive immediate notification when your order is complete. In addition, Tuff-Lift® slings are serialized with a unique number for traceability.

Tuff-Lift® Synthetic Slings

Our premium Tuff-Lift® web sling is made with high quality polyester with a seemed edging to help protect against minor cuts and tears. If you need a “one-time use” solution the Tuff-Lift® standard web sling meets all the requirements of ASME B30.9.

Titan Tuff-Lift® polyester round slings use a unique labelling system that enhances safety because it ensures each worker has to read the label to see the working load limit. 

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Tuff-Lift® Wire Slings

Pull-tested and certified, Titan Tuff-Lift® wire slings are made from quality XIP wire rope from WireCo. Tuff-Lift® wire slings are made for a variety of applications and are available in a wide selection of sizes with multiple end and safety options.

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Tuff-Lift® Chain Slings

Made and customized according to your needs, Tuff-Lift® chain slings use grade 80 or grade 100 lifting chain and are made with quality fittings, tested and certified for use in North America. 

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