Wire Slings

Titan Tuff-Lift® wire slings are made with the highest quality XIP wire rope.  Our slings range from ¼” up to 2½” diameter and from 3 feet to 20 feet in length with longer lengths available upon request.  Sling end options include standard eye, thimble eye, thimble eye ring, thimble eye hook, hand splice, safety splice, spelter socket, swage socket or pressed ferrels.

Tuff-Lift® wire slings are used for a variety of applications including picker and crane slings, loading slings, bridle lines, logging chokers, and grommet slings with 2, 3, & 4 leg configurations.  Various end attachments are available.  Single leg slings have a working load limit of 108,000 lbs with each leg adding additional working load limit capacity.

If you have a custom sling request our team of experts are here for you.  With over 150 years of combined experience our wire rope splicers are trained through the Titan Rigging Competency program.   

Titan is a licensed Slingmax® manufacturer and we fabricate the full-line of Slingmax® wire slings.  The Gator-Flex and Gator-Laid slings are used for various heavy lifting applications.  The Tri-Flex and T&D Ultra slings provided added flexibility without compromising quality or lifting capabilities. 

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