Wire Rope

General Purpose

Titan carries two brands of general purpose wire rope from WireCo including Union and Drumet. All general purpose wire rope is a high quality XIP product available in standard construction which typically involves 6 strands. General purpose wire rope is used for a variety of applications including manufacturing slings or other rigging to hauling heavy loads.


Rotation Resistant

Titan carries multiple varieties of rotation resistant ropes from WireCo including the brand names Casar, Oliveira and Drumet. These ropes are specifically designed to resist spinning or rotation while under the weight of a load. Typically usage of rotation resistant ropes is for single line applications. Rotation resistant ropes are available in high performance or standard construction.


Drill Lines

If you need drill line for a rotary drilling rig, cabletool drilling rig or for an exploration or core drilling application Titan has the wire rope for the job. We have a premium and standard drill line made from quality wire rope to meet the needs of your project applications and budget.


Sand Lines

Used in well servicing or worker rigs, sand line is lowered into the well to drop tools for repair or swabbing. When inside the well the sand line is exposed to chemical solutions which can lead to corrosion. Titan carries WireCo sand line that is manufactured to stand up to these harsh conditions. The same sand line can be used in cabletool drilling rig applications.

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